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Writing is like breathing to Michele. If you share the same passion, then you understand the importance of finding the right support. After investing years of hard work into your novel, it's only natural to want it to be in its best possible form. That's where Michele can step in as an invaluable resource. With over ten years of experience in the publishing industry as both an editor and a writing coach, Michele understands the challenges firsthand.


As an author herself, she has experienced the exhaustive editing process and the daunting task of navigating the querying process. That's why Michele isn't just here to edit your book; she is here to support you on your writing journey. If you're seeking an editor who can also be a friend, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Throughout the years, Michele has helped numerous authors prepare their books for publishing and supported them in their submission journey. Many have even secured literary agents, and others have successfully published their books. Michele hopes to have the opportunity to help you as well!


Getting to know you

Trusted customised service

Honest and constructive feedback and ongoing support

Michele loves working with writers whom she genuinely believes she can make a difference for.

To get started, Michele kindly requests a sample of your writing. She will ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of your work and your identity as a writer, as she believes this is crucial.


Michele's preferred genres encompass crime, psychological thrillers, literary fiction, horror, fantasy, science-fiction, children's picture books, and non-fiction. So, feel free to share your writing with Michele and let the journey begin!

Michele is dedicated to tailoring her services to meet your specific needs in order to increase the chance of helping you achieve your writing goals. While she doesn't take on many projects, she is wholeheartedly committed to the ones she does accept. Michele is excited to collaborate with clients who are dedicated and motivated to enhance their craft.

Michele's approach is grounded in honesty, providing you with constructive feedback while preserving your unique voice. Together, you'll overcome any challenges that arise along the way. Michele also provides aftercare services, ensuring you have continued support and clarification whenever needed as you move forward in your writing journey.

Editing Services

Are you looking to publish yourself? Land literary representations? Secure a publishing contract? Whichever, Michele can help you with getting your book ready for publication or submission.

It doesn't matter at which stage you're at, whether you have a first draft or a thirteenth, Michele is able  to support you throughout the process from in-depth line by line edits or copy editing. This feedback will be thorough, honest and cover all aspects of what takes a novel from good to great i.e. plotting, pacing, creating three-dimensional characters, and more.

She has helped many authors who have now secured literary representation or gone on to publish their books and look forward to supporting you too on you writing project. Get in touch with Michele and tell her about your writing and what you're interested in, and work together to customise a solution that fits your exact needs.

Writing Coach

Are you looking for a friendly and supportive writing coach to help you along your writing journey? Look no further than Michele! She is passionate about assisting writers like you and can provide valuable guidance in various areas, such as developing a writing habit, staying motivated, creating a writing schedule, overcoming writer's block, and even navigating the process of submitting your work to agents or publishers.


But that's not all! Michele is also eager to offer feedback on your manuscript, working closely with you to enhance your unique voice, story, plot, characters, and world building. With a dedicated approach and genuine care for your success, Michele will keep you motivated and provide honest support to overcome any obstacles. Let's work together and transform your writing dreams into a remarkable reality!

Michele as an esteemed judge in the writing community

The Page Turner Awards
Page Turner Awards judge by Michele Sagan

Michele was invited to serve as a judge for The Page Turner Award in 2021, sponsored by ProWritingAid. 

The Page Turner Awards features five different categories, ensuring there's something for everyone. The Book Award is open to any published book, regardless of whether it's traditionally published or self-published. The Writing Award is perfect for all unpublished manuscripts that have been completed. 

The 2020 awards had some incredible success stories where three writers secured literary representation, six writers earned valuable writing mentorships, five writers obtained publishing contracts, and thirteen independent authors were rewarded with audiobook productions.

Throughout the summer, a panel of esteemed literary agents and publishers, including Michele herself, will carefully evaluate the first ten pages of the contestant's manuscript to select the winners in each category.

As an additional bonus, Michele had personally offered two prizes for this competition: an edit of the contestant's manuscript and a captivating book trailer created by

1000 Words To Win An Editor Contest
Michele Sagan judges the win an editor contest

Back in August 2019, Michele had the honor of being a judge for the highly anticipated "1000 Words To Win An Editor Contest." This international contest took place in the vibrant city of London, UK, attracting writers from all over the world.

Working alongside esteemed judges like Robert D. McAdams (Author & Contest Sponsor), and DB Carter (Author & Esteemed Guest Judge), Michele carefully reviewed an array of captivating micro-fiction stories. The contest was open to various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, thriller/crime, and humor, with a specific focus on non-horror and non-graphic violence narratives.

The "1000 Words To Win An Editor Contest" served as a platform for writers to showcase their skills and receive professional feedback from industry experts like Michele. The success of this contest will undoubtedly inspire future opportunities for aspiring authors to further develop their craft and connect with the writing community on an international scale.

The winners of the contest were listed as follows:


1st Place: "ALL IT TAKES" by Roxie Keys

2nd Place: "TETHERS" by Genesis Downey

3rd Place: "HER" by Terry Brewer


Special mentions were given to the stories "WHITE RABBIT" by Gail Sproule, "MERLANDA" by Jocelyn Shipley and "METALHENGE" by Catherine Bundy.

JM Butcher, Science Fiction Author, USA
JM Butcher, Author

I'm always hesitant to spend money on someone I haven't met. I've had bad experiences and I tend to think I know better than others. But after an unsuccessful round of queries, I decided to look for an editor. I saw Michele comment on a writer's tweet. Her comment offered editing services, but didn't do so in a salesperson pitch. I liked this and took a shot. 


My experience with Michele has been fantastic. Her feedback was thorough and extremely helpful. What I really love about the experience is that I felt like Michele was truly invested in my work. I knew by the end that she read every word in my book and tried to understand every character and the plot. She still checks in to see how revisions and querying are coming along, something she certainly doesn't have to do. But she wants to. That is the person I have come to see in Michele. She's professional and personal. She offers constructive feedback and cares. I know that she wants to see my book published because she knows that work I've put into it.


I have nothing but great things to say about Michele. She's also helped build my social media following by tagging me in tweets--another thing she certainly doesn't have to do. Simply put, Michele is great and I truly appreciate her.

JM's book, Unfavorables, is currently on sale on Amazon.

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