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Michele Sagan Author and Editor

Michele Sagan

Author, Editor and Writing Coach
Winner of the London Book Fair’s The Write Stuff Competition in 2018
Represented by Jamie Cowen, of the Ampersand Agency, UK.

With her exceptional talents as an author, editor, and writing coach, Michele has become a respected figure in the literary community. Michele writes fiction and non-fiction and is represented by Jamie Cowen from The Ampersand Agency. 


Fun facts about Michele: She has five rabbits, four kids, two dogs, two sisters, and fortunately, only one husband. Her hobbies include reading, going on beach holidays and riding big bikes on long road trips. 

Other not so fun facts. She has a degree and masters from the London School of Economics and was a student at both Curtis Brown Creative and Faber Academy where she completed both their Six-Month Novel Writing Courses. She has written columns and articles for magazines and journals and last year, she won the London Book Fair’s The Write Stuff 2018 competition. 

Her latest book is title, "Future Shaping" and will be out in 2024.



For the longest time, writing has been part of Michele's life. She started scribbling short stories when she was four and hasn't stopped since. Michele writes fiction and non-fiction but has also dabbled in psychological thrillers, horror, historical fiction as well as literary fiction. 


Writing Coach & Editor

Over the years, Michele has helped a number of authors with getting their books ready for publishing as well to help them in the submission journey. Several have gone on to procure literary agents themselves and more have gone on to publish their books. 

Coming Soon...

Future Shaping by Michele Sagan

Drawing from research and data from Future of Work, Organisational Behaviour as well as neuroscience, Michele Sagan's upcoming book entitled, Future Shaping, will help you understand


  • the challenges and opportunities that exist in the future of work

  • key tensions when facing disruption and sustainability

  • how Generative Organisations can flourish in the face of such tensions

  • how to inspire and elevate your people through Generative leadership

  • how Generative Mindsets that embrace future of work skills will give you the edge you need to thrive in the future


The future of work will be defined by those who can navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.


The future is in your hands!

Future Shaping book by Michele Sagan

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

Steve Jobs

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