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Notebook and Fountain Pen


Throughout Michele's life, writing has played a significant role, ingrained in her very existence. There isn't a single memory of a time when she wasn't immersed in the art of writing. From the tender age of four, she began crafting short stories, an endeavor that has persisted unceasingly over the years. Michele has written both fiction and nonfiction. She has also been featured in various publications as well as interviews. Michele is currently represented by Jamie Cowen, of the Ampersand Agency, United Kingdom.

Faber 2018 Anthology


This is an extract from Michele's book, Let Me Go, which was included in the Faber Academy's 2018 compilation.

       Would you help a loved one die? Set in present day London, Let Me Go is about a married psychiatrist, Ally Valor, who falls in love with her terminal cancer patient, David. When he asks her to help him end his suffering, she finds herself at a crossroads. Assisted suicide is illegal in the UK and helping David will make Ally a murderer.

          Things come to a head when Ally finds a patient, Mildred Turner, murdered at the hands of a serial killer – one dubbed The Angel of Death because he targets terminal patients as his victims. Distressed at the violent way Mildred was murdered, Ally becomes embroiled in the police investigation only to become a suspect of DCI Ed Granger herself. For Ed, hunting down the Angel is not just about upholding the law, it’s personal. Ed’s wife, Viv, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and he is determined to catch the Angel before the killer gets to Viv.

        Things go from bad to worse when Ally becomes the target of the Angel. Fighting for her freedom and her life, Ally finds herself questioning her choices - will she help David die or will Ally save herself instead?

The job is easy, the people are not: 10 Smart Skills to become better people

What makes your job hard? Most likely it's working with others, right? Numerous studies demonstrate that working with people is the most stressful part of a job. Professor Loredana Padurean shares in 10 candid and authentic interviews, with professional managers and academic leaders from Asia School of Business and MIT Sloan, 10 essential skills that she coined as “smart” skills, (to replace the “soft” skills), such as validation, emotional maturity, followership, cognitive readiness and more. In the 10 interviews, you will hear how “regular” people navigate the complex waters of working with others, get practical suggestions about how to develop your own smart skills, and realize that you are also one of the people that makes the job harder than it should be!

"The job is easy, the people are not: 10 Smart Skills to become better people" by Loredana Padurean (Author), Charles Fine (Author), Roberto Fernandez (Author), Sangeeta Matu (Author), Sean Ferguson (Author), Renato Lima-de-Olivera (Author), Yi-Ren Wang (Author), Hadija Mohd (Author), Emily Preiss (Author), Michele Sagan (Author)

The Job is Easy the People Are not
Future Shaper book by Michele Sagan

Future Shaping
by Michele Sagan

Drawing from research and data from Future of Work, Organisational Behaviour as well as neuroscience, Michele Sagan's upcoming book entitled, Future Shaping, will help you understand:


  • the challenges and opportunities that exist in the future of work

  • key tensions when facing disruption and sustainability

  • how Generative Organisations can flourish in the face of such tensions

  • how to inspire and elevate your people through Generative leadership

  • how Generative Mindsets that embrace future of work skills will give you the edge you need to thrive in the future

The future of work will be defined by those who can navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.


The future is in your hands!

Michele was also featured in U.K.'s Writing Community newsletter on her novel "The Lies He Tells".
Interview with Michele Sagan


London Book Fair’s The Write Stuff Competition in 2018
Michele Sagan winner of London Book Fair’s The Write Stuff Competition in 2018_edited.jpg
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