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I write psychological thrillers and am represented by Jamie Cowen from The Ampersand Agency. My debut novel is titled, The Lies He Tells. 


Fun facts about me. I have four kids, three dogs, two sisters, and fortunately, only one husband. My hobbies include riding big bikes and going on road trips. 

Other not so fun facts. I have a degree and masters from the London School of Economics and was a student at both Curtis Brown Creative and Faber Academy where I completed both their Six-Month Novel Writing Courses. I have written columns and articles for magazines and journals and last year, I won the London Book Fair’s The Write Stuff 2018 competition. 

When not writing, I'm an organisational transformation consultant, working at a top graduate school. I'm also a certified coach, helping authors with their writing journey. When not doing either one of those, I am a psychotherapist and work with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, neurosis and more. 


I also blog about writing, the writer's life, as well as about the publishing journey.


upcoming book

The Lies He Tells

A recluse, an abuse victim and a therapist are bound by one question: who is Laura Livingstone?

Lizzie Price is a reclusive housewife living under the watchful eye of her controlling husband, Joseph. Obedient and submissive, Lizzie doesn’t question her secluded existence until a stranger appears and mistakes her for someone else. When Joseph’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Lizzie begins to suspect that her husband may be intending to hurt another woman.

Sissy Archer is grieving for her dead son. When she meets Matt Faldo, a counsellor at an outreach centre for battered women, she falls for him. That is until she finds a wedding photograph of Matt and another woman in his flat. Suspicious, Sissy decides to dig around only to discover that the woman in the picture has been missing for many years.

Things come a head when both Lizzie and Sissy begin to delve deeper into their lovers’ pasts and realise that nothing is what it seems. Who is Joseph? Who is Matt? And can Lizzie and Sissy save each other before the men they love silence them both?

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