Writing is like breathing for me. If you're anything like me, then you know how important it is to get the right help. You've toiled over your novel for years and now you're ready to send it out into the world. As such, it's only natural you want it to be in the best possible shape.

I can help you. Not just because I’m an editor and writing coach (with over ten years experience in the publishing industry), but also because I’m an author myself. I know how it feels to edit until your eyes bleed, I know how it feels to be waist deep in the querying trenches (I spent many years querying before I got an agent myself). Hence, I wouldn't just help you with editing, I'll also support you in your writing journey.


So if you're interested in an editor (who's reasonably priced) and who can possibly be a friend as well, contact me.




If you're interested in a writing coach, someone who can help you with your writing life (developing a writing habit, providing motivation, creating a writing schedule, overcoming writer's block, submitting to agents/publishers and more) please contact me. I can assist you not just with your publishing journey but also provide feedback on your manuscript, working with you to develop your voice, story, plot, characters, world building, and more. I can do:

  • One off sessions (I hour sessions)

  • Packages (1, 3, 6 and 12 months)

    These sessions include one hour of mentoring as well as 10,000 words of manuscript critique and developmental edits per month.


Developmental Editing

If you're interested in more in-depth feedback on your manuscript which looks at different components of it on a detailed basis then Developmental Editing will be for you. 


Copy Editing

If you're going to print and would like someone to check your manuscript for consistency, language and more, then copy editing is the way to go.

In both instances, I can help you. This means I will go through your entire manuscript, providing line by line edits where necessary. I will also provide a report capturing my editorial notes on your voice, story, plot, characters, world building, and more.


If you're looking at feedback on manuscript without the detail edits involved, I will assess your novel, providing feedback on your voice, story, plot, characters, world building, and more. You will receive a report and I will also provide samples within your manuscript where you can improve.


I will provide feedback on your submissions package - query letter, synopsis and first chapter (max 3,000 words).


Anything else you may need eg. feedback on your first chapter, query letter, or manuscript outline.


I can also help you design and create book covers and trailers/videos.


Please contact me for details and pricing. I may need to see a sample of your work first as I will only take on clients that I am confident I can support.


JM Butcher

YA Fantasy author, USA

I'm always hesitant to spend money on someone I haven't met. I've had bad experiences and I tend to think I know better than others. But after an unsuccessful round of queries, I decided to look for an editor. I saw Michele comment on a writer's tweet. Her comment offered editing services, but didn't do so in a salesperson pitch. I liked this and took a shot. 


My experience with Michele has been fantastic. Her feedback was thorough and extremely helpful. What I really love about the experience is that I felt like Michele was truly invested in my work. I knew by the end that she read every word in my book and tried to understand every character and the plot. She still checks in to see how revisions and querying are coming along, something she certainly doesn't have to do. But she wants to. That is the person I have come to see in Michele. She's professional and personal. She offers constructive feedback and cares. I know that she wants to see my book published because she knows that work I've put into it.


I have nothing but great things to say about Michele. She's also helped build my social media following by tagging me in tweets--another thing she certainly doesn't have to do. 


Simply put, Michele is great and I truly appreciate her.

Kathryn Barnett

Literary Fiction author, UK

I recently came across Michele Sagan's website on twitter offering editorial services to writers. I was looking for a critique of the first three chapters of my novel, which I had been working on following my recent writers retreat.

Michele was enthusiastic from the start after emailing her a pitch of my novel and after further emails I found her easygoing approach to my work and the cost of her editorial service matched my requirements perfectly. Michele also offered a very in depth report on the first three chapters of my novel which I found to be both encouraging and constructive in the way forward for my manuscript.

I look forward to working with Michele again once I have completed my manuscript with the confidence that her enthusiasm for my novel will offer me the incentive I need to pursue my writing further.

BT Harris

Fantasy author, USA


Michele gave her time putting much thought and effort into editing my book. Her comments were rational, justified and helpful. Michele also commented on parts of the book that excited her, which adds to her book/nerd human side. Very thorough in her analysis of the quality of writing, and developed an overall opinion in her editor's notes.


Michele is worth every second of time spent writing on my manuscript and I will look forward to continuing her service with future books. I recommend Michele Sagan to anyone who needs an editor, and her price is fair. I am happy with my edits and I know you will feel the same. Thank you, Michele!

Marie Malo

YA author, Canada

If anyone is searching for an editor I'd like to give a big shout out to Michele Sagan. Love her open communication and sincerity. She was quick, has great communication, and offered up some super points about my book. She treated my story (and me) with kindness and warmth and I am excited to continue my novels journey with her.

Robert McAdams

Sci-Fiction author, USA

Writers looking to be published, if you're serious about publishing (indie or traditional, it doesn't matter) you need to have your work edited. I'm working with Michele Sagan to polish my writing, & vouch for her.


Her rates are very reasonable! Do it!

T. Julian Bell

Sci-Fiction author, USA

Hey writers, if you are looking for a query, synopsis, or editor checkout Michele Sagan. She really helped my query and synopsis sing.


She’s a pleasure to work with and takes the time to get you ready for the next steps.

Guetty Stewart

Picture Book author, USA

I finished working on a children's book, but felt something was missing. So, I decided to hire @michele_sagan to edit my book. She edit it and gave me advice. She also helped me with my query letter.

When I got my assessment from her, I was really happy with the service. Her prices are reasonable. Everything about this transaction was really professional. I just wish I found her sooner.

DB Carter

Gen Fic author, UK

Michele is the epitome of professionalism, but she is also very caring and tactful in the way she puts things. 


Her training as a writing coach is evident, and she will often give additional comments that go over and above what many editors may do.

Richard Hartzer

Christian author, USA

Michele has been working with me on my query letter, synopsis, and first chapter and her feedback has been amazing. She is fun to work with, and her suggestions have made my querying package much stronger.


I appreciate her help and support. 

Antoine Commare

Publisher, France

Michele has been editing our  magazine's articles for many years and we are very happy with her high standards of professionalism.


She has always been timely and  detailed-oriented and her fees are extremely reasonable for the quality she provides.

Winnie J

Memoir author, Malaysia

Michele has been helping me with memoir, coaching me on my writing techniques as well as editing my novel at the same time.

She is patient and supportive and always brings the best out of me. I know I can trust her to help me produce something I can be proud of!

Chrissie Wranja

Gen Fic author, UK

Thank you Michele Sagan for your help with my query letter!


I’ve send new submissions out now with much more confidence!


For anyone else querying, I can only recommend Michele’s fast and thorough feedback.

Elizabeth Dawson

YA author, USA

I highly recommend

Michele Sagan if you are looking for an editor for your submission materials.


She was very thorough and gave great feedback on my query and synopsis.


I feel much more confident as I prepare to enter the query trenches!

Nicole Cicchino, YA author, USA

    Looking for an editor?

Michele Sagan provides great feedback and support, invaluable help on your writing journey.

Andrea Nourse

Women's Fiction author, USA

Cannot thank

Michele Sagan 

enough for her insightful and incredibly helpful feedback on my query package.


Her critique pushed me to ask the hard questions in order to present my novel in the best possible light.


Thank you Michele!

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