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Are you looking to publish yourself? Land literary representations? Secure a publishing contract? Whichever, I can help you with getting your book ready for publication or submission.

It doesn't matter at which stage you're at, whether you have a first draft or a thirteenth, I can support you throughout the process from in-depth line by line edits or copy editing. This feedback will be thorough, honest and cover all aspects of what takes a novel from good to great i.e. plotting, pacing, creating three-dimensional characters, and more.

I have helped many authors who have now secured literary representation or gone on to publish their books, and look forward to supporting you too on you writing project. Please do get in touch with me and tell me about your writing and what you're interested in and we can work together to customise a solution that fits your exact needs.

JM Butcher, Science Fiction Author, USA

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I'm always hesitant to spend money on someone I haven't met. I've had bad experiences and I tend to think I know better than others. But after an unsuccessful round of queries, I decided to look for an editor. I saw Michele comment on a writer's tweet. Her comment offered editing services, but didn't do so in a salesperson pitch. I liked this and took a shot. 


My experience with Michele has been fantastic. Her feedback was thorough and extremely helpful. What I really love about the experience is that I felt like Michele was truly invested in my work. I knew by the end that she read every word in my book and tried to understand every character and the plot. She still checks in to see how revisions and querying are coming along, something she certainly doesn't have to do. But she wants to. That is the person I have come to see in Michele. She's professional and personal. She offers constructive feedback and cares. I know that she wants to see my book published because she knows that work I've put into it.


I have nothing but great things to say about Michele. She's also helped build my social media following by tagging me in tweets--another thing she certainly doesn't have to do. Simply put, Michele is great and I truly appreciate her.

JM's book, Unfavorables, is currently on sale on Amazon.

Image by sonia jahandari

Thriller Author, USA

Michele has offered some invaluable feedback that has improved my story immeasurably. Specifically, she's given me great advice with regard to overwriting and point of view. I write this review on the very day that I've spent hour after hour implementing her suggestions.


I'm exhausted, but for very good reason. What she offered was definitely the most detailed assessment I've ever received. 

Women's Author, USA

Cannot thank

Michele Sagan 

enough for her insightful and incredibly helpful feedback on my query package.


Her critique pushed me to ask the hard questions in order to present my novel in the best possible light.

Thank you Michele!

Andrea's book is currently on sale on Amazonn.

Fantasy Author, USA

Michele did an amazing job  editing the sample of Broken. She was clear and precise with great examples. She even commented on why she made the suggestions. When I first decided to have Broken edited I was uncertain what to expect. T


his was a great experience and I look forward to utilizing her services with future novels (& past novels). I highly recommend her for all your editing needs! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

YA Author, Malaysia

If you're looking for an editor to take your manuscript to the next level, then I recommend Michele Sagan. Her line-edits are thorough, balanced, and help to make your work shine even more. She is both professional and 

warm, and treats your manuscript with care. At the same time, she doesn't hesitate to point out what can be improved. Thanks again, Michele!

Raidah successfully submitted her novel and  is currently represented by her literary agent in the USA.

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