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Writing is like breathing to me. If you're anything like me, then you know how important it is to get the right help. You've toiled over your novel for years and now you're ready to send it out into the world. As such, it's only natural you want it to be in the best possible shape and you know you need an extra pair of eyes to do that. It is notoriously impossible to edit your own book well. We're so close to our own work that blind spots tend to emerge.

I can help you. Not just because I’m an editor and writing coach (with over ten years experience in the publishing industry), but also because I’m an author myself. I know how it feels to edit until your eyes bleed, I know how it feels to be waist deep in the querying trenches. Hence, I wouldn't just help you with editing your book, I'll also support you in your writing journey. So if you're interested in an editor and who can possibly be a friend as well, please get in touch with me.

Over the years, I have helped a number of authors with getting their books ready for publishing as well to help them in the submission journey. Several have gone on to procure literary agents themselves and more have gone on to publish their books. I hope to be able to help you too!


Getting to know you

Trusted customised service

Honest and constructive feedback and ongoing support

I only work with writers that I feel I can truly help.

Before we begin, I'll need to read a sample of your writing. I'll also be asking you questions to understand your work and who you are as a writer as I believe this is key. My preferred genres include crime, psychological thrillers, literary fiction, horror, fantasy, science-fiction, children picture books and non-fiction.

I will customise my services to meet your needs in order to increase the chance of helping you achieve your writing goals. I don't take many projects on but I am very committed to the ones I do sign on. I look forward to working with dedicated and committed clients who are inspired to improve their craft.​

I will also be as honest as I can be in providing constructive feedback while ensuring you retain your authentic voice. We will also work together to help you overcome any challenges you may have.  I also provide after care service if you need any further clarification and support going forward.

JM Butcher, Science Fiction Author, USA

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I'm always hesitant to spend money on someone I haven't met. I've had bad experiences and I tend to think I know better than others. But after an unsuccessful round of queries, I decided to look for an editor. I saw Michele comment on a writer's tweet. Her comment offered editing services, but didn't do so in a salesperson pitch. I liked this and took a shot. 


My experience with Michele has been fantastic. Her feedback was thorough and extremely helpful. What I really love about the experience is that I felt like Michele was truly invested in my work. I knew by the end that she read every word in my book and tried to understand every character and the plot. She still checks in to see how revisions and querying are coming along, something she certainly doesn't have to do. But she wants to. That is the person I have come to see in Michele. She's professional and personal. She offers constructive feedback and cares. I know that she wants to see my book published because she knows that work I've put into it.


I have nothing but great things to say about Michele. She's also helped build my social media following by tagging me in tweets--another thing she certainly doesn't have to do. Simply put, Michele is great and I truly appreciate her.

JM's book, Unfavorables, is currently on sale on Amazon.

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