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I have been called to be a judge for the The Page Turner Award, sponsored by ProWritingAid, and would love for one of you to walk away with one of the main prizes! Publishing contracts, audio-book productions and film rights options are up for grabs for the winners. And the countdown is on! Submissions close May 31st.


Success stories from last year’s awards include three writers winning literary representation, six writers winning a writing mentorship, five writers winning a publishing contract and thirteen independent authors winning an audiobook production.


The Page Turner Awards consists of five different awards: The Book Award, which is open to any published books, whether traditionally published or self-published. The Writing Award, which is open to all unpublished and completed manuscripts. The Screenplay Award, which is open to all completed scripts and screenplays. The Young Writer Award, which is open to any writer aged between 18 and 25. The Writing Mentorship Award, which is open to any writer with an unpublished and uncompleted manuscript.


Over the summer, a panel of literary agents and publishers, myself included, will choose a winner in each category based on the first ten pages of your manuscript. The winners of these incredible prizes will be announced in September. You won’t want to miss this opportunity!


I am also offering two prizes for this competition: an edit of your manuscript and a book trailer from


I look forward to reading your entries!

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The 1000 Words To Win An Editor Contest

1st Prize Full manuscript critique (not a line edit, max 100,000 words) Edit & critique of your first 5 pages Critique of your Query Letter ​

2nd Prize Edit & critique of your first 5 pages Critique of your Query Letter ​

3rd Prize Critique of your query Letter ​

4th-6th Place Critique of your next Twitter Author pitch (#SFFpit, #DVpit, #pitmad, etc; No more than 280 characters). ​

Dates Contest will run from 2019-08-01 through 2019-08-31 London/UK Time ​

Winner Will Be Announced No Later than 2019-09-21 FOR LIST OR WINNERS, PLEASE CLICK HERE. ​


Contest Judges Michele Sagan - Editor, Author & Prize Source Robert D. McAdams - Author & Contest Sponsor DB Carter - Author & Esteemed Guest Judge & All-Around Good Egg ​


What We Want

A very short (AKA micro-fiction) Science Fiction or Fantasy or Thriller/Crime story, or a story from any genre (non-horror, non-graphic violence, see below) that makes us laugh. ​


Who Should Enter

Authors who have a fully completed manuscript would gain the most from entering and winning the contest, as Michele cannot edit what hasn't been written. If you only have chapter one and a query letter done, and you manage to win 1st prize, even though you were aiming for 2nd prize, you'll only have a year to finish your manuscript before your prize must be redeemed or expire (and really you'd only have about 11 months, as Michele may need a month to edit a full manuscript). ​ Who Can Enter Anyone may enter (so long as it is legal to do so in your place of residence). The only people who cannot enter (and win) are the judges and their immediate family members. ​



Congratulations to the finalists for our Win An Editor #shortstorycompetition! Winners will receive edits from me! Special thanks to guest judge, DB Carter. ​

1st ALL IT TAKES by Roxie Keys ​

2nd TETHERS by Genesis Downey ​

3rd UNTITLED by Jaryd Weiss ​

4th UNTITLED by LT Ward 5th

HER by Terry Brewer 6th

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND by Chris Hewitt ​


SPECIAL MENTIONS ​ WHITE RABBIT by Gail Sproule ​ MERLANDA by Jocelyn Shipley ​ METALHENGE by Catherine Bundy ​ UNTITLED by Boris Slocum ​ Congtratulations once again!


Thank you for interviewing me! I’m honoured to be included in their monthly newsletter.

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